Available now! Sourdough Christmas Cake recipe

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Sourdough Christmas Cake Recipe now available

Christmas in one bite!

We’re all looking for unique touches to make this Christmas special. Since sourdough brings an exceptional dimension to everything it touches and Christmas coming up, it was the perfect time for me to get into the kitchen and create!

True to my tradition of making things easy, I used common ingredients and a simple hand mix. I also baked it like a regular cake – no steam baths or other complex processes. The finished cake is light, fresh in taste and slightly addictive.

Oh, and I love food gifts!!!

Perhaps the deep motivation to bake presents stems from the date scones and the grammar pie my grandma used to gift me every birthday… or perhaps, and more so, it’s because food gifts, when hand made, come from my heart. And I am hoping, they will slip straight into yours. Especially sourdough food gifts. Yes. I am obsessed. (I gift sourdough pizza bases, sourdough bread, sourdough cinnamon scrolls and now… sourdough Christmas Cakes!) Welcome to my happy place, and since you’re here, I think it may just be one of yours too.


Sourdough Christmas Cake

✔️ Works with ANY sourdough starter
✔️ Pantry ingredients
✔️ Mix by hand
✔️ Doesn’t need to be made ahead, the flavour is already developed

This special recipe makes 2 large 22cm cakes so you have one to keep and one to give away! It is for Christmas after all. 😊

*Recipe card is FREE with any Sourdough Starter purchase until November 30.

Sourdough Best Christmas Cake - Recipe
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Sourdough Christmas Cake - Recipe
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