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Pantry Sourdough Starter ~ Make sourdough bread without maintaining a starter

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best no-knead sourdough bread

Welcome... to your very own sourdough love story!

My sourdough starters are more than just a product. The process and bread recipe are a way of doing sourdough that’s accessible for everyone. Beginners busy people, occasional bakers even those who just want to see if sourdough is for them. Traditional methods have been reimagined to reduce the pitfalls and variables of making your own sourdough bread so that anyone can make sourdough successfully. Even children.

It’s effortLESS sourdough bread that works. No more flat sourdough bread!

You could call it beginners sourdough bread, however, the results will be as good as any other loaf of sourdough bread with more effort.

If you’ve had trouble with flat sourdough bread this process is for you. You will not only find it easy (there’s NO kneading!!), you will find it works, so long as your sourdough starter is healthy and doubles when fed, as it’s supposed to.

It looks like there are three separate process on this site:
Pantry Sourdough Starter (Maintenance-free, which you are reading about now)

However, they are the exact same recipe and process – making simple, successful sourdough bread at home. What is different between them is how you care for and maintain your sourdough starter. This impacts each recipe only in how you attend to the sourdough starter each time. Hence why the recipes have noted variations or live exclusively in one section on the website.

If you’re not sure which process is for you, read this helpful article to find out.

Pantry Sourdough Starter ~ no feeding (except when you bake)

Most people feed their sourdough starter daily but it’s possible to make sourdough starter that you can store in your pantry without feeding. You grow it only when you want to bake. It is maintenance-free. Because it’s dormant, it needs a few simple tricks to work within the 3-day timeframe, but it does! And it’s all built into the recipe below and provided with your starter.

All the recipes for sourdough bread across my website are the same. The difference between them is how often you feed your sourdough starter & how you store it. And whichever way you choose, the process is written into that recipe for you.

Pantry Sourdough Starter – the process that you’re reading about, is maintenance-free. This means you never have to feed your sourdough starter, unless you are baking. It will store on your pantry shelf in a dormant form, until you want to bake.

Pantry Sourdough Starter has zero ongoing maintenance, making it quite possibly the easiest sourdough bread you will ever make.

You will need to purchase a packet of maintenance-free sourdough starter for this process.

Store it dry on your pantry shelf and grow it only when you want to bake sourdough bread. There’s no discard or waste and it will last for years. No feeding between bakes.

You can use your own sourdough starter for our low-maintenance or traditional sourdough bread processes. You can also buy a sourdough starter from our store that suits both of these. Again, the recipe is the same across the site, and all three process, it’s just the sourdough starter you use and how you look after it.

Our sourdough starters are handmade and don’t contain any added yeast. They are 100% organic and the simplest version of making your own authentic sourdough bread that you may find. They will definitely be the one with the least amount of maintenance, that’s for sure!

Using Pantry Sourdough Starter will take you from zero to hero in making your own sourdough bread at home without looking after your own sourdough starter or having any previous experience.

Quite possibly the best part? The process takes less than 15 minutes of hands-on time.

About the process

– No kneading
– No bakers yeast
– No experience
– No sourdough starter to maintain
– No bread machine or other special equipment including no bannetons

Pantry Sourdough Starter sourdough starter should be stored in your pantry where it’s cool and dry, ready to be used when you want to make anything sourdough! No feeding between bakes. Perfect for beginners, busy people and occasional bakers. The super-simple process takes only a few days with a set-and-forget process. Mix and walk away, you can fast track it to bake in as little as 48 hours or slow it down to work it around your 9-5. All tips and instructions are provided.

Maintenance-free is traditional sourdough ~ just made differently.

It’s so easy anyone can make it, even children if you help them bake it.

Grow: 3 x feed (1 min each then leave it)
No-knead dough (5 mins then leave it)
Shape + refrigerate (2 minutes then leave it)
Bake (45 minutes)

Each packet makes 6 loaves of homemade sourdough bread, 36 sourdough pizza bases or any variety of sourdough things you can think of!

Buy Sourdough Starter kit Australia

Why make sourdough differently?

My sourdough love story started 13 years ago in a tiny village in France where one weekend and a loaf of bread changed my foodie world. Well over a decade later, I wanted to create a way you could make sourdough at home. No-fuss. My heart was, and still is, that you know the joy, taste the difference and be able to say “I made sourdough!” and be proud of it.

Beautiful Living Made Easy Maintenance-free Sourdough will be the easiest homemade sourdough bread you will ever make. I walk you through the basics, troubleshooting along the way and have replaced traditional ways with easy hacks to produce the same outcome.

What can you make?

Anything Sourdough including but not limited to:

Sourdough bread
Seeded, activated charcoal, spelt and other bread flavours
Sourdough Pizza bases

Follow our guide, add bread flour, water and salt. Be patient & enjoy! 🖤 You can make more than one loaf of sourdough bread at a time, they freeze brilliantly, so do the pizza bases.

All instructions are provided along with flour information and a bunch of quirky hacks that will save you time and effort.

See the full (easy) sourdough bread making process here

1 Packet of Sourdough Flakes makes 6 batches of sourdough starter. Each batch is 185g or 1 Cup.

Buy sourdough starter kit online

Packet includes

30g Sourdough Flakes, step-by-step instructions, hints & tips/baking options & flour information (including where to buy bread flour in Australia).

STORAGE: Keep flakes in a cool dry place. Do not refrigerate. Do not get wet. Use dry utensils/hands.

Organic Australian wheat flour, filtered water, wild sourdough cultures.
Allergen Advice: Contains gluten. May contain traces of sesame and/or nuts.


100% Australian ingredients | Australian owned & created


This is a dehydrated, fermented food product so please understand your country’s customs laws & taxes before purchasing as they are not included in the listing. Contact me for any queries.

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