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Beautiful Living Made Easy

Styling, hosting and making your own authentic artisan food can be easy.

Beautiful Living means pleasing to the senses, it doesn’t mean striving for perfection. I tried that – it’s exhausting and it doesn’t bring people together.

Made Easy means everyone can do it!

Good, quality food, styling, being organised and hosting ~ I want to help you create moments you and your family can enjoy, the easy way.

I have been making things beautiful since I was little. There is an innate voice deep inside guiding me with this whisper… “MJ, if  you’re going to make it, build it, eat it or live it, it may as well be lovely!

Taking sophisticated ways and making them simple has been the conquest of the last decade. I have discovered, adding a touch of beauty to your world through styling, hosting and making your own artisan food, can be surprisingly easy.

Beautiful Living Made Easy brings that simplicity into your home, even if we never get the chance to meet. The website is about weekends and special together moments. Sometimes something will slip in for making 9-5 things easier as well.

Our site is deliberately ad-free so that it is easier to navigate. I don’t want you to have to scroll through junk to find the recipe or idea that brought you here.

Ease is part of making life beautiful!

Beautiful can be extravagant or simple and sometimes, easy can be instant, while remaining authentic. Here, you’ll find loads of advice on how to prepare ahead so that when you host, you find yourself sharing a drink rather than in a panic in the kitchen.

I’m a foodie… However, my non-foodie friends have been able to get these recipes and ideas to work for them too. (Shhhh…! Don’t tell them but I made this site for them! So they would stop asking me to do it! Not because I didn’t want to but I knew they had it in them to be able to. I wanted them to discover it inside of them.)

You have the ability to do all this inside of you too. I promise.

So even if you don’t (yet) see yourself as a butcher, baker or candlestick maker… you can still make salami, bake your own homemade artisan sourdough bread and confidently host an amazing moment with friends! Date night-in? Fabulous!

If I can’t make something a part of my everyday life, I don’t do it. Laziness. Maybe. Full life? Totally! And if it’s out of reach for family and friends, what’s the point? The heartbeat of a beautiful life is sharing it others. It’s why I also created Grow Your Own Sourdough Starter and Pantry Sourdough Starter kits so that you can enjoy making your own sourdough bread at home easily. #lesseffort

This is my beautiful, but easy, everyday life. I know these ideas can work for you too, with your own special touch. You don’t need to be stressed making your life beautiful or… give up thinking you aren’t able to.

Everyone has what it takes to make life…. beautiful.

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Let’s WOW your world together – the easy way!

xx MJ

Beautiful Living Made Easy
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Suzanne Hurley

Hi Mary-Jane

I have bought your sourdough starter (found you through Hard to Find). bought about 2 months ago and have made only one bread and it was flat! I think because I am shift worker and last 3 weeks or so seems working and sleeping no cooking at home, quick soup and coffee at work. I have 2 days off.. maybe if no OT! So I am going to endeavour to feed my fridge starter (looks bubbly .. do the bubbles look a darker colour slightly??? I bought your 5 kg flour a couple weeks ago and sits proudly on my bench. Any suggestions to get started on creating my masterpiece of sourdough bread !!


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