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Word of mouth is probably the most trustworthy recommendation available.

My husband and I have been married for almost two decades and were set up by mutual friends. Their knowing him for more than 20 years was, for me, like receiving a reference from a great employer. There were two thumbs-ups of confidence before we even went on our first date! And here we are, happy, so many years later.

We are all usually warm to people and products recommended to us by those we trust.

If you have a website, a passion for baking or a community that you love sharing fabulous products with, please get in touch with me below with some details about yourself. Include your website, facebook or Instagram if you have one. If you’re offline let me know, there are ways we can still work together. I offer a generous 20% referral commission simply for sharing the love.

Spread the word and bring a happy dance to everyone’s kitchen! 😊

Everyone has what it takes to make life beautiful

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