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DIY Kindle Cover: Add a Personal Touch to Your E-Reading Experience

In today’s digital age, e-readers have revolutionized the way we enjoy books. With their convenience and portability, devices like Amazon’s Kindle have become an essential part of many readers’ lives. I however, was slow to convert. Even seeing the convenience afforded to my husband, especially when traveling by plane or train, I still preferred carrying a paper-smelling, real-hand-feel book enduring the extra bulk and weight.

When we travel, we try to be on foot as much as we can. You can smell, hear and feel the destination so much better! And even with my husband long converted to the Amazon Kindle I continued to favour turning the pages of something that is not a screen. Even when my hubby was choosing from 100 books and slipping the device into the side of his bag, far more conveniently, and for less than the weight, of my one.

It wasn’t until a recent trip, where I took an entire bag full of books to choose from (baring several kilos of weight!) that I thought to myself “maybe, I could get used to a much smaller, page-less but portable library?”

I don’t enjoy tech. I find it competes with me for the here-and-now. The blue sky, the smell of rain and the day outside. So it was a reluctant submission of mine, in view of the pay-off: more books and more reading especially when traveling. To woo me further, it was going to need to have a nice cover that didn’t scream “impersonal screen device” every time it caught my eye!

With a great recommendation from my tech-savvy husband, I bought an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. The screen has no glare, it’s easy to adjust and I can store an encyclopedia of books on it. A surprising bonus… I don’t need a light to read it! That’s wonderful for tings like glamping, camping and reading in bed. So… step one was accomplished.

Now it was time to protect my little beauty. I looked extensively online for an appealing case that also had viewing support via a hand-strap or other. Hundreds (1000s? of cases later), it was obvious. Everything was impersonal, fake-looking. Commercial and lacking a warm, artistic touch.

So, for those of us who appreciate the tactile experience of holding a physical book, finding the perfect cover for your beloved e-reader can be a challenge. Frustrated with the options available, I decided to take matters into my own hands and create my own unique Kindle cover using metallic Posca markers. I thought about it for 2 days. I could end up defacing a perfectly good cover! But in the end I thought the risk was worth it. This blog post will take you through my creative journey and hopefully inspire you to personalise your own reading companion!


The Case

I chose the black Erunto Case for 6.8-inch with a cloth texture. It’s not cloth or fabric at all, but is classy enough that it doesn’t look too much like plastic or vinyl. The surface was more textured than I anticipated but I ended up embracing it and don’t mind the outcome at all! It was slightly more difficult to control the pen but it added to that artisan touch that I was looking for, while disguising any novice pen strokes.

The Posca Pens

When choosing your Posca markers note that they vary in thicknesses as well as colour. So think about your end result and what colours and nib thicknesses you need to help achieve that finish. I used gold, silver and white Posca PC-1M paint art marker pens that work on fabric, glass and metal. I wanted to work with a fine marker, however the nib on these was finer than I anticipated too (0.7mm), but again, I embraced it because that’s art! When things aren’t 100% as planned, thus begins creativity – the opportunity for something unforeseen to spring forth.

Amazon delivered the cover and pens the following day, so with everything in hand, I took a deep breath and dived in.

I already had in mind the pattern I wanted. I have a gaming computer which is not very sexy, and I use it to be creative, it needed to be inspiring! So I transformed it into a stunning piece using printed vinyl. Every time I look at it, it makes me happy; its my personality in a print. So this print, hands-down, is what I was going to use for inspiration.

Other sources of inspiration for you might be Google images, wallpaper prints, your favourite sport, music or other team, band or icon. A beloved pet, the ocean, sky or flowers and plants from your garden or a National Park can be a great source of inspo for a nature-inspired theme. Quotes are a great way to embrace this idea without feeling confident artistically.

You might like to start with a pencil sketch to map out your design idea lightly on the cover before committing with the Posca markers, since once you use them, you can’t remove even the smallest mishap. Sketching first can help you visualize the layout and ensure a balanced composition. I am a reasonably confident artist, so I drew without sketching first.

This would be my greatest advice for this project: It may not be suitable for a perfectionist. You need to have artistic courage and lots of grace, to just have fun, do your best and embrace the outcome.

Sitting outside in the sun, I grabbed my markers and made the first few strokes…

The beauty of creating your own Kindle cover is the freedom to let your imagination run wild. The initial stroked were daunting. I really did take a deep breath before the first line! But overall, it was a therapeutic process and served as a creative outlet .

After just half an hour it was done. The colors, pattern, and personalized touches made it truly one-of-a-kind. It not only protected my e-reader but also showcases my personality and passion for art. Every time I reach for my Kindle, I can’t help but smile, knowing that I created something unique and meaningful.

The only thing I would change is to use a rose gold Posca pen, instead of gold. But hey, it’s such a small thing and I don’t even know if Posca has a rose gold!

If you find yourself frustrated with the lack of Kindle covers that suit your taste, I encourage you to explore your creative side and design your own. Plus, you get to enjoy the process of creating something entirely your own.

A few simple materials and a dash of imagination, is all it takes to transform a plain cover into a personalized masterpiece that showcases your style and personality. You don’t even need a whole lot of imagination – there are so many inspiring prints out there to emulate. Just take note of copyright. Anything you copy is for personal use only – you can’t reproduce it to sell.

Embrace your creativity, grab some markers, and let your imagination soar as you embark on the journey of making your own unique Kindle cover. Let me know how you go!


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