Do you have a story?

Sneaking dough into an air-conditioned office because it’s too hot at home for it to be left alone. Staying at the beach but still feeding sourdough starter because ‘holiday bacon and eggs’ would not be the same with any other bread. Staying up late to prepare sourdough for a camping trip, so you can bake bread over an open fire…

If you do sourdough, you have a story! We’ve all done something crazy or wonderful with our most favourite dough.

I’d love to share your sourdough story/ies. If you are comfortable with it being shared on my website and social media, drop me a line below!

– The lengths you go to love your dough!
– Someone you’ve loved on with a gift sourdough
– The craziest or most adventurous place you’ve taken your sourdough
– How your sourdough love story started
– Your favourite thing about it
– Anything you want to share, every story is unique!

Photos are welcomed but not essential.

By clicking SEND, you give full permission to share your sourdough love story on my website, social media, newsletter and any upcoming publications. (Where possible you will be tagged, notified or provided a copy where applicable).