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Affiliate Information

I recommend products I personally use and may receive commissions when you buy through my links.

Recommendations are the best! Especially when buying online.

Since the beginning of my blog journey, I have included links to tools, ingredients, and brands that I personally use and have for a long time. All recommendations are genuine. None of them are sponsored or influenced in any way. These are my favourite, well-used products.

I am a product designer and when I find something that works, especially if it makes a task easier, it’s important to me that you have the opportunity to get it if you want to.

Unable to stock these items myself and sell them to you direct, for many years I shared links to other stores without receiving a commission. So many readers like you, trust my advice. I am surprised how they even purchase the little things and email me the photos.

So in lieu of selling these items from my own store, at least for the moment, I now have the pleasure of including affiliate links throughout the site. These are the same links to recommendations as always, only now I may receive a small commission from the company those links take you to, and only if you purchase.

The cost to you is zero.

There are also no changes to what or how I recommend products. I use everything I recommend in everyday life (unless otherwise stated) and not all links on this site are affiliate. There are a tonne of recommendations throughout the site to which there is no monetary gain. Nothing is sponsored, included affiliate links, they are my own choices.

How I choose products

I use the products myself and in most cases have done so for many years.

How I choose affiliate links

I choose affiliate links based first on matching the item to what I own and second, how easy it is for you to purchase and receive it from that company.

For deliveries, value and customer service, my own personal experience with Amazon (in particular) has led to it being one of my favourite affiliate choices. Amazon services customers worldwide and I am confident in how they will look after you. 🖤

Hyperlinks are the underlined pieces of text in a blog post that, when clicked, take you to another webpage. This could be an article, website, product, video, anything anywhere on the web. Usually, there is no monetary recompense for linking to the pages, website or products using an ordinary hyperlink.

Affiliate links look the same as a hyperlink, and do the same thing with one extra function. Affiliate links connect a monetary commission to the use of that link. There is absolutely no cost to you for using the link and exploring it to its fullness, including purchase. The cost is to the hosting company in the form of a small commission to me, and only if you shop.

Advertising is a paid agreement to expose customers to a particular message or product that they may (or may not) need. The messaging is initiated by the advertising company and in the 21st Century, tends to follow you around the internet, even post-purchase!

I am committed to an ad-free website. You don’t need to scroll through junk to find the recipe or idea that brought you here. You also shouldn’t have to sift through my messaging or advertising to know what’s an authentic recommendation and what’s not.

Therefore, there is no advertising, even in the form of an affiliate link. All affiliate links are genuine recommendations and truly my own opinion. I have not been approached by any company to recommend any product and I don’t recommend things I don’t personally find of benefit in owning them.

Less ‘advertising noise’ is part of making life beautiful. You can read more here: About ~ Beautiful Living Made Easy

I am a customer of Amazon Prime and highly recommend the value for money and convenience of delivery if you have been considering it.

If you have questions or queries about how affiliate links work on my website drop me a line at hello@beautifullivingmadeeasy.com

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