Is Amazon Prime worth it?

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Is Amazon Prime worth it?

Paying for priority treatment seems indulgent to this humble Aussie 2nd-Gen-since-The-Great-Depression but thanks to my hubby, our household has been Amazon Prime members for more than two years. And the biggest user? Me.

Long-gone is the incorrect and my naive aummption: ‘there is no way we’dll earn our membership fee back in free Long-gone is my incorrect and naive assumption: ‘there is no way we’ll earn our membership fee back in free postage’. Who was I kidding? Christmas shopping, last-minute birthday gifts, hard to find leggings, wireless keyboard, fruit tea, cookbooks (cheaper than the bookstore), art pens and oven gloves. Our Amazon Prime membership has paid for itself many times over, just in free delivery. But for the nominal $59 a year (not a month… but a whole 12 months), there’s so much more included.

First, let’s talk Amazon. Then we’ll talk Amazon Prime.

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Product Choice

The only downside to using Amazon, for me, is the search. I don’t find it entirely accurate in its results, but that said, iI am surprised when I can’t find something. Servicing 20 countries worldwide, if a product is not available in Australia (my home), I can shop anywhere in the world and have it delivered. There are exceptions, sometimes an individual seller doesn’t offer International delivery, but where they do, all fees and delivery costs are included and labelled very well within your Amazon checkout.

A note on purchasing clothing or shoes internationally – research size conversions. Ask if you need to.

Service & Returns

Amazon’s delivery communication is prompt and consistent. Their customer service and returns processes are also excellent. If an item does not meet expectations it is easy to return it. You can’t however exchange. You need to return the item for a refund and make a fresh purchase for the replacement.

So that’s Amazon in a nutshell.


Okay so let’s talk about paying a membership fee just to shop with Amazon, when you’re spending with them anyway. And if the extra dollars are actually worth it.

Free & Fast Local Delivery

For two years now, we’ve enjoyed free super-fast delivery on too many orders to count. Christmas presents, work clothing, coffee pods, books, hardware. Yes! We bought a polished nickel handle for our front door!

Free delivery is available on any with the Prime Logo. If will also show as free delivery in the pricing section, once you are logged in as a member. I find the great majority of product qualify and the parcels arrive within 2 business days.

So fast is Amazon’s delivery, we have seen some items ordered 11.59pm the night before arrive the following day. That’s crazy amazing!! It is almost as good as venturing to the shops and purchasing them personally, only I didn’t need to leave home, which is extra helpful during Covid 🙄

Low-Threshold Free International Delivery

Amazon Prime members have a low $49 threshold to receive free International delivery. This is reasonably easy to meet. If you don’t and the item is not urgent, you can leave the item in your cart until you have another international product to add and once you reach a spend of $49, all items will be delivered for free. International delivery is also usually within the week. It’s super fast.

So if you can’t find what you are looking for through your local Amazon store, Amazon opens up the world.

Special Deals

Being a Prime Member also gives access to discounts, deals and products exclusively for Prime Members.

Prime Video

Prime Video is an exciting value benefit of Prime Membership. The member fee includes Prime Video, Amazon’s video streaming service. You can watch popular movies and TV shows as well as Amazon’s plethora of original movies, and tv shows that are only available on Prime Video. One of our recent favourite views was an Amazon original: Jeremy Clarkson in Clarkson’s Farm. #highlyaddtiveandwholesomerealitytv

You can watch Amazon video on your TV, tablet, mobile device, or your computer. You can stream online or download to watch offline.

Prime Reading

Prime Reading offers access to even more content. And yes, its included in the membership fee. You can read from over a thousand e-books, short works, comics, children’s books and more.

Reading can be on your iPad (via an App), or one of Amazon’s Kindle Readers.

Amazon Music

Amazon Music gives you access to 2 million songs ad-free and hundreds of thousands of podcasts. Listen via your favourite devices and download to listen offline.


Amazon Prime in Australia is AU$6.99/month or $59 per year, with a 30-day free trial available (check the Prime Video page).

To look into Amazon Prime further in Australia click here

Other countries, click here


200 million people in 19 countries across the globe are Amazon Prime members. So they must find value in it.

In Australia, the monthly membership fee of $6.99 is more expensive than the annual fee of $59 but even at this ‘more expensive rate’, it is cheaper per month than the average delivery cost of 1 delivery from other retail outlets in Australia. So if you order from Amazon just once a month and receive free delivery on that purchase, I dare say you are already ahead.

Add to that the convenience of some super speedy shipping for last-minute moments, without being penalised by whopping overnight delivery charges. Rather, it’s free. Along with their exclusive tv and movie service (akin to Netflix which is $8.99 a month on its own), access to books, music, podcasts and special deals…

Do I think Amazon Prime is worth it? For us, yes! I am converted. It’s super convenient and

In a world where not too many things live up to expectations, we have found great value in signing up for Amazon Prime. It’s super convenient, saved us on postage (I don’t have that dreaded second-guessing ‘because of extra delivery costs’ thing happening!) and I’ve found some things I can’t get otherwise, which has been a charm! Oh. And their books are often cheaper. Just be mindful. Amazon is made up of many sellers. It’s a market place and while so many prices are of exceptional value, not all the prices are. If in doubt, shop around.

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