Australian owned & made

Living a normal life in the ‘burbs of sunny Australia, I love to know a little about where my “stuff” comes from, what it’s made of and who made it. I don’t mind if it comes from China, Ireland, Hawaii, or my next-door neighbour. They are all amazing places with incredible people and that’s why it matters to me that our “stuff” is safe for those who make it and those who buy it. The value isn’t in the “stuff” it’s in people.

If you like to know where your “stuff” comes from too, my product is simple:

– Beautiful Living Made Easy (BLME) Sourdough Flakes are 100% handmade in NSW using organic Australian flour and filtered Australian water. Our wheat is grown, and milled, in NSW; keeping Australian farms farming and giving your sourdough a wholesome, organic, local start.

– The BLME print materials that accompany our sourdough flakes are printed by our local printer. They’re so close, I walk there from home!

– And finally… your packages are posted each day by yours truly and delivered by Australia Post.

I’m passionate about making things beautiful, not just on the surface but throughout every part of the supply chain. Making the most of quality ingredients and local resources, nurturing supplier relationships and providing a product that produces a fabulous, wholesome outcome for the people who use it, is to me… beautiful living made easy.

Beautiful Living Made Easy is Australian owned. Our BLME Sourdough chips are Australian made, using 100% Australian ingredients.