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Kensington Market Sourdough Bread

Shipping sourdough starter around the world should be easy but it’s not. Posting internationally from Australia is super expensive, and delivering into Australia internationally can have customs issues.

But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out!

If you live in Canada or the USA. I’m really excited to recommend Kensington Market Sourdough as another beautiful sourdough starter that you can purchase locally and have delivered for a much more reasonable price!

Ben (Kensington Sourdough) and I have partnered so that more people all over the world can share the love that is – making your own sourdough!

Sorry Aussies Kensington Sourdough doesn’t deliver to Australia but for an amazing 100% authentic Australian sourdough starter see my shop. Delivery is free within Australia.

Precious Baker… get ready for bread better than a bakery!

Kensington Market Sourdough Starter is super active and has been alive since 1850, having roots in the San Franciscan Gold Rush. However, these past few years, it has been living and mingling with the eclectic Kensington Markets, transforming into its own kind of wonderful!

This original San Francisco Sourdough starter is strong and versatile making fantastic bread.

Kensington Market Sourdough kits include:

  • Dry starter
  • Step-by-step instructions to bring your starter to life (3-7 days)
  • General instructions for maintaining the starter and getting started with your first loaf
  • Links to some of Ben’s favourite recipes

I can’t get Kensington Sourdough here in Australia to try it first-hand, but Ben has thousands of incredible reviews across several selling platforms, proving that his process and sourdough starter are foolproof. I am certain you will be baking amazing loaves in no time (email me and let me know what it’s like!)

I do also ship worldwide, including Canada, The States, EU and Asia, if you are happy with the delivery cost. Otherwise, Kensington Sourdough Starter is the perfect option. Kensington Sourdough also delivers to the EU and most of Asia.

It’s a great feeling making your own sourdough starter and seeing it burst out of the jar on your way to baking. Ben from Kensington Sourdough even has a challenge for you – to make something with his starter that doesn’t taste great! 😂 Yes. He also has a wicked sense of humour!


  • Make bread at home for a fraction of the cost
  • Wow yourself, friends and family!
  • Quick delivery to Canada and the USA with orders processed same business day where possible

One sourdough starter kit is all you need for a lifetime of amazing bread!

100% authentic sourdough starter, no baker’s yeast and a simple feeding schedule of flour and water.

I hope you will love Kensington Sourdough as much Ben does and fall in love with making your own bread just like Ben and I have!


Kensington Sourdough Starter - USA Canada

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