How to fit sourdough into any lifestyle and season, and make consistently great bread! (Workbook)

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Is your sourdough bread flat? Did it rise last time but not this time? Maybe you like to try new things and want to log your experiments and recipes.

Over 40 pages, with 15 worksheets to choose from

This sourdough workbook is the culmination of 15 years of experience baking sourdough bread. I know the impact time and temperature have on your bread and your day! I also like to experiment, make the process fit my lifestyle and record what works. And… I like to make everything easy.

I want YOU to develop the same confidence and intuition I have – to know when to leave your sourdough and when to attend to it. Less babysitting the dough… and no more sunken loaves! The easy way!

YouTube and the internet are wonderful sources of information. However, at the beginning of my sourdough journey, no one told me sourdough behaves differently at various temperatures.
Information like ‘simply leave it on your bench overnight’ from a YoutTuber in The States meant my loaf baked as flat as a pancake here sunny in Australia.

When you understand how two simple things, time and temperature, affect your sourdough, you will know how to interpret the advice online. Better still, you will likely no longer need it.

I am so confident you will find this journal useful that if you are unhappy with your purchase, contact me, and I will happily give you a refund.

Learn how to
– Adjust your baking schedule to suit the season
– Speed up the sourdough process or slow it down
– Keep sourdough starter warm in winter

– Log sourdough starter feedings
– Record the results of various recipes
– Get an ‘ah ha’ when it comes to proofing and rising sourdough

– Hyperlinked Contents (jump to the page you want)
– Hyperlinked Printing Index (print only the pages you want)
– 6 Done-for-you baker’s schedules
– Custom worksheets for recording the effect of different temperatures on your own sourdough
– Sourdough Bread Baking Journal/Recipe Log
– Sourdough Starter feeding tracker/log
– A detailed doubling guide that ranges from overnight winter temps to the heat of daytime summer
– My foolproof no-knead sourdough recipe
– Both imperial + metric measurements

• Welcome Precious Baker
• Moi Paris ~ How my sourdough passion began
• Worldwide sourdough advice
• The tempo of time and temperature
• Sourdough throughout the year
• Increase or decrease doubling times
• Plain white sourdough starter recipe (no-knead)
• How to bake sourdough bread
• Plain white sourdough worksheets for working at different temperatures: Quick Reference Baking Schedules / Detailed Doubling Guide / Planning Sheets (plan sourdough baking to suit you)
• Custom worksheets (for your own recipes): Sourdough Starter Feeding Journal (log) / Sourdough Bread Baking Journal (log) / Process Tracker / Custom Baking Schedule / Custom Doubling Guide
• Glossary

1 x 44-Page PDF in US letter format. To print A4 please select the A4 paper and choose ‘scale to paper size’.
You can print as many copies as you like for personal use. Cannot be used for commercial purposes.

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Long Oval Baking Sling Template

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Wide Oval Baking Sling Template

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Le Crueset Oval Baking Sling Template

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Le Crueset Round Baking Sling Template

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Feeling like a sourdough master!

Having the the worksheets and personalised schedules take all of the guess work out for me as I adapt from season to season, and plan my sourdough backing around days out. What a great system! Thoroughly recommend to any sourdough baker, starting out or well into the journey.

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