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Fix Flat Sourdough Bread: The Ultimate Sourdough Troubleshooting Guide for Home Bakers

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Why sourdough bread is flat. Fix flat sourdough bread. The ultimate Sourdough Bread troubleshooting guide. Printable Sourdough eBook

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Imagine a tool to help you work out exactly why your sourdough bread is flat and how to FIX it. No more guessing or trawling the internet. Have answers on hand whenever something’s ‘not right’. Plus! Try my 5-Star recipe (included). I was once where you are. Now, 15 years later, I help over 300,000 people a year fix flat sourdough through my website and now eBook.

Sourdough baking is trending and for those new on the band wagon, repeatedly baking sourdough bread that’s flat causes many to tap out. It’s incredibly disheartening after all the care that goes into making sourdough bread, and eagerly anticipating a beautifully risen loaf, to be met with a flat and lackluster result.

If you’ve found yourself facing the frustration of flat sourdough, you’re not alone. Facebook Groups are filled with more photos and questions about flat loaves than they are of successes and, more than 26,000 people visit my website every month in an attempt to solve their flat sourdough woes.

Flat sourdough seems to be a global epidemic! And it’s not limited to newbies. Most sourdough bakers will bake a flat loaf at some point in their sourdough journey. Even me, when I get lazy, forget to look for the cues, or try something new.

When I was starting my sourdough bread journey in 2008, it took 18 months of troubleshooting for me to get a loaf to rise. Sourdough bread baking was not the wide-spread passion that it is today. Suitable flour was not readily available here in Australia and information was hard to come by. Now, sourdough bread making advice continues to accumulate online, giving access to a tonne of amazing information, but at the same time, can also be totally confusing. Advice can often be contrary, suitable for one climate and not another, or related to local flour labeling which is different in other regions of the world. Not all advice is going to work for you. Not as it’s presented anyway.

Why is my sourdough bread so flat?

This question has been asked 10,000 times and is still being asked. Again, just spend 5 minutes inside any sourdough Facebook group. When you do, you’ll see the level of detail kind people provide as solutions. I am super grateful those answers work for the person who wrote it but even I get lost, so I can’t imagine how someone starting out would find it helpful. They also often think one thing is the key issue – proofing. But it might not be.

Perhaps I get overwhelmed by the number of steps and fold and grams and degrees because I’ve made it simple. I don’t use a dough thermometer, I don’t count or time my stretch and folds (if I do them) and I don’t even knead the bread dough. It had to be that way or I wouldn’t have continued with sourdough bread, especially when bread is something my husband eats far often than I do. Fortunately though, I just l.o.v.e making it. It has been my happy place ever since a humble baguette hid inside my heart, and followed me home from a tiny village in France! What is so magical is making something with your own hands that transforms into something special to share. It works gloriously every time, and the process can be so simple.

I want this to be your story too. I want sourdough baking to hide inside you heart, fill your home and give you the same satisfaction so many who have conquered it enjoy.

You can can make homemade sourdough bread so good that people will talk about it.

No more flat, dense or gummy loaves.

Find out why your loaves aren’t working like they should and go on to rise a heart-warming loaf every time.

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Diagnose your flat sourdough bread issue/s in 3 minutes

There are 4 mains reasons sourdough bread is flat, but how do you know what applies to you?

In my eBook, I’ve created a 3-minute questionnaire to help you diagnose which issue is causing your sourdough bread to be flat. Tick the boxes, follow the chart to those pages in the book, implement the ‘aha’ and voila! Your sourdough bread will have you dancing in the kitchen! No more searching the internet for answers only to throw another loaf of flat sourdough bread in the bin.

My plan is that you have everything you need, at your finger tips, to solve flat sourdough now and forever.

Learn how to:

  • Know if your sourdough starter is strong enough for baking
  • Improve inferior flour
  • Fix sourdough proofing issues
  • Look to your sourdough for when it’s ready (instead of the clock)
  • Optimize the baking process for a perfect rise every time

You’ll also discover:

  • How to have no discard, resulting in less waste
  • Bake from a cold-start oven (better rise, less hot-pot-handling and save an hour’s worth of electricity or gas)
  • What sized banneton to use for your recipe (if you want to use one, my recipe doesn’t need it)
  • How to adjust any recipe for specialty flours like stone-ground, wholegrain, rye and spelt

A printable eBook that you can instantly download

In The Sourdough Solution I’ve taken all the information available on my website, added a whole lot more wisdom and simplicity collected over the last 15 years and over 1000 homemade sourdough loaves, and put it all into one comprehensive guide. The 140 beautifully designed pages unravel the mysteries, remove the complexities and equip you with the knowledge to achieve the perfect rise every time.

For those venturing into the world of sourdough, mastering the art of troubleshooting is essential. I’m a graphic designer who loves making sourdough bread (and making it easy), so you can imagine how much passion, fun and clarity has been put into creating this book to help you troubleshoot flat sourdough bread and conquer it once and for all.

The Sourdough Solution is available through my
new Etsy store: Enfoodiest

Your next loaf of homemade sourdough bread could be your best!

Don’t let the challenge of flat sourdough dampen your baking spirits. Armed with a deep understanding of what influences rise and practical solutions, you’ll be ready to embark on a journey toward consistently pulling a beautifully risen loaf of sourdough out of the oven. Sourdough baking is as much about understanding a few basics so you can go with the flow, as it is about detail and precision. I’ll help you refine your techniques, adapt to your kitchen’s quirks, and revel in the joy of watching your sourdough rise to new heights.

Happy baking!

The Sourdough Solution is available through my
new Etsy store: Enfoodiest

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