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This kit will help you, or someone special, make sourdough loaves worth raving about!

I love providing simple, healthy, beautiful food and sharing those moments with family and friends.

A loaf of sourdough can cost $8. But how does $1 per loaf (or $2 for organic) sound? And make bread that you’ll be known for? You can save a lot of money making your own sourdough bread and my no-knead recipe makes it easy. (See my reviews here and on Etsy!)

Make bread that’s better than a bakery!

*Sourdough bread can be challenging. Up to 11.8k people visit this site per month to solve issues with flat sourdough. My kits help you nail it first go, without heading down the YouTube rabbit hole!



Making sourdough starter from scratch can be challenging, taking at least 10 days of constant feeding. Even with effort, results can be inconsistent. Buying a mature sourdough starter saves time and produces better results, ready to bake in just a few days, and you can also choose the characteristics you want.

If you are one of the lucky ones who get a sourdough starter going, the process of getting sourdough bread to rise in the oven is itself a learning curve. My kits are exactly what I needed 15 years ago! They would have saved me 18 months of frustration.

One kit is all the sourdough starter you need for a lifetime of amazing sourdough.




‘The taste of France’

This versatile, everyday sourdough starter reminds me of the bread we fell in love with in France. Tangy & Chewy brings out the best in everything from jam to eggs, toast to salami and all kinds of cheese. It also makes amazing pancakes!

TASTE: Buttery & tangy with a caramelised crust
INTERIOR: Mildly chewy with sandwich-sized holes (good for spreads and butter)
DIFFICULTY: Easy ~ designed to work

My recipe teaches you as you bake so your very first loaf is successful. 

▪️ 15 Minutes total hands-on time for a loaf of no-knead bread
▪️ No courses, experience, bread machine, bannetons or other special equipment
▪️ Feed as little as once a month
▪️ Make anything sourdough!

Sourdough bread is one of the healthiest types of bread you can eat. It is good for your digestion, keeps you fuller for longer and is a little lower in carbohydrates than yeasted bread. It freezes well, makes fantastic toast and has a sophisticated flavour.



✔️ 10g Mature, dehydrated Tangy & Chewy sourdough starter made with 100% premium organic Australian ingredients and no added yeast
✔️ Easy to follow growing notes
✔️ 2 Methods of feeding (daily or once a month with zero waste/no sourdough discard)
✔️ My teach-yourself, no-knead Chewy & Tangy bread recipe printed on linen card*
✔️ My Pro Tips (15 years of bite-sized must-knows for sourdough bread that works)
✔️ Bread flour stockist information (Australia)
✔️ Elastic band (for measuring growth)

You will need
▪️ Digital Scales
▪️ Bread Flour (12-13% protein)
▪️ A warm spot (suggestions provided)
▪️ Dutch oven, casserole dish or pizza stone or heavy baking tray

*You can also use any sourdough recipe. Many people have difficulty with sourdough bread. If you find other recipes don’t work so well, mine will do the trick!

My love affair with sourdough started with a humble loaf of bread, devoured for breakfast on an overcast morning, in a tiny village, one weekend in France.

WELCOME to your very own sourdough love story!


Handmade in Australia | Allergen Advice: Contains gluten. May contain traces of sesame and/or nuts. Dairy-free. Sourdough bread is vegetarian and vegan friendly. Ingredients: Premium organic wheat flour (grown and milled in Australia), filtered water, wild sourdough cultures. Storage: Keep in a cool dry place. Do not refrigerate or freeze. Do not get wet. Use dry utensils/hands.

*5g needed to grow your sourdough starter. Leaving an extra 5g for emergencies if you ever need to grow it again. The packet will come with a Best Before Date which is the most responsive time. It should, however, last indefinitely. 😊 If it needs extra TLC, use the ‘Rescue’ section of the recipe card included.

Sourdough Starter Kit:










Posting overseas from Australia is expensive. I’ve absorbed a portion of the cost to make it more affordable. There is no extra postage cost for buying more than one item, so you might like to make the most of it and get a few things! A tracking number will be provided. This is a dehydrated, fermented food product. Please be aware of any incoming taxes or customs requirements in your country. They are not included in the listing. Contact me for any queries.





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So good

I am stoked with my first decent loaf of sourdough after so many failures and waste this past year. so easy & pretty damn tasty too. can’t recommend this enough!


This is an amazingly simple process, I have already made several loaves... Highly recommend. Thanks for making it simple!



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