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Extra fluffy Sourdough Pancake Recipe!

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How to make super fluffy sourdough pancakes

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Before we start ~ an important note! I make a LOT of fuss about using bread flour for making sourdough bread. However, these pancakes will do just fine if you make them using plain flour. You can even feed your sourdough starter with plain/all-purpose flour for this one. 😊

12 Super fluffy sourdough pancakes! (Or 24 double mix)

Pancake batter | 10 mins mixing, 20 mins cooking
Sourdough Starter or discard | Your usual feeding method

I make a lot of things ahead of time and this might sound unusual but I often make sourdough pancakes ahead of time as well! There is something ‘carefree’ about flipping pancake goodness late in the evening and watching TV or listening to music at the same time. Even sipping a glass of wine. It’s a nice way to chill, even though you’re being productive.

The other way to do it, is to have your sourdough pancake mix ready and cook them at the same time as you’re cooking something else. If you’re already standing at the stove or working in the kitchen, it’s nothing to flip a pancake now and then. It saves you time. Who doesn’t love that? πŸ™‚

OK. So why bother making them ahead of time rather than at breakfast time? Several reasons – cooked one at a time and best served hot, someone is stuck at the stove cooking while the rest of the family enjoys munching on the freshest flip. If you’re reading this, looking for a recipe FOR sourdough pancakes, I am going to assume that ‘someone’ who will be cooking, is going to be you. πŸ™‚ BUT if you cook ahead, and heat the pancakes at breakfast time, you can sit down and eat with everyone else! #ahhhsosimple

The second reason I make sourdough pancakes ahead of time is that they are made using sourdough starter and taste better over time. That’s one of many amazing characteristics of anything made with sourdough. It’s like good wine, time enhances the flavour!

Gosh. So many reasons to make these beauties ahead… I still have two more to share with you.

I like sourdough pancakes. A lot. They have become a healthy, go-to comfort for an easy breakfast (or brunch!). I eat them with coconut yogurt and berries mostly and filling my freezer with a whole stack of these babies has become a normal routine. I freeze the entire stack of freshly cooked, and allowed to cool, sourdough pancakes in a zip-lock bag (with non-stick baking paper between portions). When I need a fix, I simply pull a portion out of the bag, reheat in the microwave and voila! Sourdough pancakes without touching a mixing bowl or… my frypan! πŸ™Œ

And that leads me to the final reason I love to make these sourdough pancakes ahead of time. Double the mix (at least!) and you only have to wash up once but your cooking effort will repay you again and again, for weeks or months, depending on how many#esa sourdough pancakes actually make it to your freezer…

By all means make them fresh – but make the most of your time, dirty bowl, greased frypan and make a double batch. πŸ™‚


(Makes 8-12)

180g Sourdough starter: See note (6.35 oz) or sourdough discard
300g All Purpose Flour (10.6 oz)
7g Salt
(0.24 oz)
10g Baking Soda
(0.35 oz)
10g Baking Powder
(0.35 oz)
25g Sugar
25g Melted butter
(0.88 oz)
345g Milk
(12.16 oz)
1 Egg

NOTE180g sourdough starter (6.35oz) is equivalent to:
1. Low-maintenance sourdough starter Your jar from the fridge + 2 feeds (Steps 1-2)
2. 1 Batch of Pantry Sourdough Starter (Steps 1-3)
3. Traditional sourdough starter fed to more than 180g (6.35oz) so that you have some leftover to continue feeding

Why I use weight to measure ingredients

To make vegan sourdough pancakes, click here


Low-maintenance: 2 Feeds. Steps 1-2 in the recipe card with your kit
Pantry Sourdough Starter: 3 Feeds. Steps 1-3 in the recipe card with your kit
Traditional sourdough starter OR your own: You need 180g of sourdough starter (6.35oz) for this recipe. It needs to be fed and doubled by the time you make the dough.


1. Scoop 180g of sourdough starter (6.35oz) sourdough starter into a large mixing bowl.

Following the Low-maintenance process? You will have 5g of sourdough starter left in your jar (0.18oz). Now is the time to do FEED 1: Add 10g warm water & 10g bread flour to the small amount of starter in your jar. Stir & place in the fridge until next bake or once a month whichever comes first.

Pantry Sourdough Starter and Traditional sourdough processes don’t require any specific action. However, a traditional starter may need feeding.

2. Add the rest of the ingredients to the sourdough starter in the bowl until mix until well combined. Let the mix stand while you heat a large frying pan or skillet.

3. Grease the hot frying pan with 1 tsp of butter and 1 tsp of oil. Let the butter melt then swirl the hot oil and butter around the pan.

4. Pour 1/4 cup of batter into the middle of the pan. If you want thinner, wider pancakes tilt the frying pan left and right to move the batter around. If you want THICK pancakes, let the batter sit how it was poured.

5. When the surface is filled with bubbles and beginning to cure (harden), flip the pancake over and allow to finish cooking for 1-1.5 minutes.

6. Remove from pan and eat while hot, or if making these ahead, as I love to do, allow to cool on a cake rack.

7. Repeat with the rest of the batter until all pancakes are cooked.


Once cooled, divide the sourdough pancakes into smaller stacks – however many you would defrost to use at the one time. Place baking (parchment) paper between each stack and then place the entire lot into a large zip lock bag. The baking paper stops the stacks from sticking together so that they separate easily once frozen.

Another method for freezing is to lay each sourdough pancake on something flat like a chopping board and place them in the freezer like that. Once frozen, place them into a large zip lock bag. They will ‘file’ like important letters that you can remove individually when you want to use them!


Reheat your sourdough pancakes in the microwave for the following lengths of time:

From frozen1-2 minutes for 1-2 pancakes
Defrosted or recent leftovers45 seconds to 1 minute for 1-2 pancakes

Heat a frying pan to medium/low heat and place your frozen, defrosted or room temperature pancakes into the hot pan long enough on each side to warm through. The length of time will vary based on your pot and stove. Just be gentle with the heat. It won’t take long.

If you use a large frying pan you will be able to heat more than one sourdough pancake at a time.

1. Preheat your oven to 150Β°C (300Β°F) degrees.

2. Wrap your sourdough pancakes completely in foil and place in a hot oven for 10 minutes or until warmed through.

Easyfluffy sourdough pancake recipe

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Valerie Marinko

Point 6 I think has an error I think you mean to say allow to COOL on a cake rack not allow to COOK on a cake rack:)



Thanks hun! All fixed πŸ™‚


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