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Fluffy and tender VEGAN Sourdough Pancake Recipe

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Vegan sourdough pancakes recipe tender and fluffy

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Ok. So an important note upfront! I make a LOT of fuss about using bread flour for making sourdough bread. However, these pancakes will do just fine if you make them using plain flour. You can even feed your sourdough starter with plain/all-purpose flour for this one. 😉

10 Super fluffy sourdough pancakes! (Or 20 double mix)

Sourdough starter (using flakes) | 3 x 1 min mixing, 2-3 days leaving, depending on room temperature (all info below)
Pancake batter | 10 mins mixing, 30 mins leaving, 20 mins cooking

I LOVE pancakes, thanks to a bestie who instilled in me the vitues of sweet breakfasts. They are a comfort and I like ease, so I make these amazingly fluffy vegan sourdough pancakes ahead of time. It boosts their flavour and makes them super easy to grab from the freezer to satisfy lunch-time cravings with yummy home-made goodness straight from your freezer!

What makes them vegan? This sourdough recipe is egg-free and dairy-free. Yet you won’t know or taste the difference. They are full of flavour, tender in texture and super fluffy. Seriously, you won’t know that there is not one egg or dairy ingredient inside.

I like sourdough pancakes. A lot. Both the egg and dairy sourdough panckes PLUS this vegan version hav become a healthy, go-to comfort-food that I fill my freezer with. They make easy breakfast (or brunch!). I eat them with coconut yogurt and berries mostly. As freezer staples, I simply pull some blueberries and 2 vegan sourdough pancakes, reheat the pancakes the microwave and voila! Amazingness without touching a mixing bowl or… frying pan!

By all means make your vegan sourdough pancakes and eat them fresh. Just while you’re there… make the most of your time, dirty bowl and greased frypan to make a double batch. 🙂

This process uses Pantry Sourdough Starter, a maintenance-free way of keeping sourdough starter on hand without needing to feed it regularly. You can, however, follow this recipe using a regular, well-fed sourdough starter. No changes required, you just won’t need to follow the activation steps as you would for using the flakes.


Single batch of vegan sourdough pancakes

(Makes 10)

180g Sourdough starter* (6.35 oz) or sourdough discard
300g All Purpose Flour (10.6 oz)
7g Salt
(0.24 oz)
10g Baking Soda
(0.35 oz)
10g Baking Powder
(0.35 oz)
25g Sugar
25g Vegetable oil
(0.88 oz)
345g (ml) Almond, coconut or Soy milk
(12.16 oz)
7g Ground flaxseed
(0.25 oz) OR 15g ground chia seed (0.53 oz) OR 15g Gentle Fibre (0.53 oz)
Plus some water if your mix is too thick

*Or 1 Batch of Pantry Sourdough Starter

Double batch of vegan sourdough pancakes

(Makes 20)

360g Sourdough starter (12.70 oz) (Double your sourdough flakes)
600g All Purpose Flour (1.32 lbs)
14g Salt
(0.49 oz)
20g Baking Soda
(0.70 oz)
20g Baking Powder
(0.70 oz)
50g Sugar
50g Melted butter
(1.76 oz)
690g (ml) Almond, coconut or Soy milk
(12.16 oz)
14g Ground flax seed (0.25 oz) OR 30g ground chia seed (0.53 oz) OR 30g Gentle Fibre (0.53 oz)
Plus some water if your mix is too thick

Discover why I use weight to measure ingredients

To make non-vegan sourdough pancakes, click here


1. Use 180g of recently doubled sourdough starter or make your sourdough starter using Pantry Sourdough Starter. Click here to follow the process. Remember it takes 2-3 days depending on the temperature of your kitchen.

2. Mix all ingredients in a large bowl until well combined. Let the mix stand for half an hour to thicken. If the mix is thicker than you would like your pancake mix to be, add a splash of water and mix, adding another splash until you reach the desired consistency.

3. Heat a large frying pan or skillet to medium heat and grease with 2 teaspoons of oil. Let the butter melt then swirl the hot oil and butter around the pan.

The pancakes cook better a little slower, on medium, to allow the centre to cook through without burning the bottom, the centre can otherwise, be a little doughy.

4. Pour 1/4 cup of batter into the middle of the pan. If you want thinner, wider pancakes use a spoon to spread out the batter in the frying pan. If you want THICK pancakes, let the batter sit how it was poured.

5. Cook for 2-3 minutes. The surface may bubble slightly but is unlikely to cure (harden). Check the underside is nicely cooked and flip the pancake over. Allow to finish cooking for 1-2 minutes. The pancake will rise the most once it’s flipped and the second side starts to cook through.

6. Remove from the fying pan and eat while hot, or if making these ahead, as I love to do, allow each pancake to cool on a cake rake.

7. Repeat with the rest of the batter until all vegan sourdough pancakes are cooked.


How to freeze vegan sourdough pancakes

Once cooled, divide the sourdough pancakes into smaller stacks – however many you would defrost to use at the one time. Place baking (parchment) paper between each stack and then place the entire lot into a large zip lock bag. The baking paper stops the stacks sticking together, so that they separate easily once frozen.

Another method for freezing is to lay each sourdough pancake on something flat like a chopping board and place them in the freezer like that. Once frozen, place them into a large zip lock bag. They will ‘file’ like important letters that you can remove individually when you want to use them!

Reheating vegan sourdough pancakes

Reheat your vegan sourdough pancakes in the microwave for the following lengths of time:

From frozen1-2 minutes for 1-2 pancakes
Defrosted or recent leftovers45 seconds to 1 minute for 1-2 pancakes

Heat a frying pan to medium/low heat and place your frozen, defrosted or room temperature vegan sourdough pancakes into the hot pan long enough on each side warm through. The length of time will vary based on your pot and stove. Just be gentle with the heat. It won’t take long.

If you use a large frying pan you will be able to heat more than one pancake at a time.

1. Preheat your oven to 150°C (300°F) degrees.

2. Wrap your vegan sourdough pancakes completely in foil and place in hot oven for 10 minutes or until warmed through.

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