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Want to elevate a space with wall art without paying big dollars? Keen to how to choose the right piece so that it fits, and suits, your space perfectly?

Transforming a house into a warm, inviting home is all about the personal touches that reflect your unique style and personality. This is my favourite part of renovating or moving house. I enjoy the fuss of making a space work visually, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Finding art of any kind to fit a space can be challenging, even for someone who loves it, like me.

Art can be expensive and, more often than not, hanging in a home-ware store or art gallery when we buy it – spaces that are very different to our real-life homes.

But what if you could choose art from within your own lounge room, dining room or study? The very space you’re buying it for? In addition to that, affordable art, that you know is going to work in that space, with your own lighting and decor?

It’s totally possible! And very easy.

Let’s dive in and start with: Where to buy printable wall art.


That Wall Art Shop offers a stunning collection of digital art, along with professionally framed prints, making it easy to add a cozy, artistic flair to any room. Their broad range of downloadable art means you can access beautiful and high-quality prints at your fingertips, allowing you to enhance your living space effortlessly.

Australian owners of That Wall Art Shop, Fox and Kate, started the online store as the go-to place for Australian wall art; bringing of some of Australia’s and Canada’s most iconic scenery to the forefront through their unique long shot photography.

By capturing spaces, with a zoomed out view and selected detail, photographers Fox and Kate, bring those same calm, regulating, and inspiring landscapes into your own home, inviting a perspective shift. Their photography is nothing short of a reprieve from our often busy and overly detailed lives.

As That Wall Art Shop has grown, their collection has expanded to include digital and printable wall art. This is a versatile collection that can be used as stand alone pieces of art or as a collection or mini-gallery in your home. With just a few clicks, you can download exquisite artworks that reflect your taste and complement your decor.

Whether you’re a fan of modern minimalism, classic elegance, or vibrant colour palettes, their downloadable wall art provides endless possibilities to customise your home. Likewise, the convenience of instant access means, you can own Australian art no matter where you live in the world, along with with zero shipping costs and you can update your decor as often as you like without waiting each time for delivery!


I find buying wall art, so much easier to do from home and it only takes 5 minutes.

The following is what I do in my own home. It’s much easier to browse a gallery on my screen inside the actual space, than to imagine inside a store, and to return art when it doesn’t look like I thought it would.

  1. Grab your phone or your laptop, open up That Wall Art Shop and start browsing.
  2. Choose a design you like and hold up your screen in the space.
  3. Stand back from the wall, within the space, and position the rest of the room inside your peripheral view. This includes lounges, TV’s, rugs. (Holding your screen against the wall you want to hang the art on isn’t likely to help as the image will be dwarfed in comparison)
  4. Now, look at your screen and hold it up towards the intended space.
  • Does this print match the feel?
  • Does it clash?
  • What colours and textures are already dominating the space? Do you want them somehow reflected in the art or the art to retreat as a contrast?
  • Alternatively, what colours or textures would you like to fill the space? Are they expressed in the artwork?

Search for the perfect print, then it’s as simple as ordering it and hitting download. From there, you can choose how your want to present the art.

  • Canvas will give a a matte, artistic feel to the wall
  • Framed with glass will add formal elegance and a little shine

There are many local and online printers who can help you arrange printing, allowing you to around for the best product and price.


Selecting the perfect scale for printable wall art, along with framed and canvassed pieces, is as important as choosing the print itself and likewise, depends on both the available space and the other furniture and decor in the room.

Wall Size

  • Large, empty walls – Choose bigger pieces or groupings of smaller artworks to fill the space. A large artwork can make a bold statement and serve as a focal point. Typically around 75-100cm (30-40 in) wide or more, depending on the wall size.
  • Small walls – Avoid overwhelming the space with too many pieces or ones that are overly large. Smaller art can add detail and interest without crowding the area.


When hanging wall art above furniture like sofas, beds, or sideboards, the artwork should be 60-75% of the width of the furniture piece. This ensures the art is proportionate and creates a harmonious look. Position the centre of the artwork at eye level, typically around 57-60 inches from the floor. This guideline helps create a comfortable and cohesive visual experience.

Room Size and Ceiling Height

  • High ceilings – Opt for taller pieces or vertical arrangements to draw the eye upward and utilize the height.
  • Smaller rooms – Scale down the artwork to maintain a balanced and open feel. If it’s too large, it can make the room feel cramped.

Grouping and Gallery Walls

Create a gallery wall by grouping smaller wall art pieces together. This approach can be very impactful and allows for flexibility in arranging and adding pieces over time. Maintain consistent spacing between pieces in a gallery wall to ensure a cohesive look. A gap of 5-7cm (2-3 in) is typically recommended.

Purpose and Focal Points

Decide if the artwork will serve as a focal point or complement other elements in the room. A focal point should be larger and more prominent. Supporting pieces can be smaller and used to add depth and interest without dominating the space.

Personal Preference and Style

Ultimately, your personal style and preference play a crucial role. Choose pieces that you love and that reflect your personality. Ensure the artwork complements the overall style and color scheme of the room for a cohesive look.

Mock-Up and Visualization

Use paper templates to visualize different sizes and arrangements of the wall art before committing to nail holes.

By considering these factors, you can choose artwork that is appropriately scaled to your room, enhancing the overall aesthetic and creating a balanced, visually appealing space.


Printable wall art is the ultimate in custom gift giving. Shop, download and have something special made locally. And, this is the fun part – have it made as a canvas! Or a framed piece enclosed in glass. You could even let them choose by gifting the artwork on it’s own, or combining it with a voucher for their local printer.

Get creative! Ask your printer to put the art on the front of a greeting card to match the wall art gift. This is the ultimate in customisation, tailoring to suit the special person your giving it to.


That Wall Art Shop, prides themselves on offering a wide array of printable wall art prints that cater to various tastes and preferences. Therefore, if you’re shopping for yourself, wanting to create a statement wall or, add subtle accents, their art collection has something for everyone. Their style of contemporary art compliments the intimacy of a dining room and bring personality to the structure of an office boardroom.

Each downloadable print is meticulously crafted to ensure high-quality resolution and detail, providing you with stunning visuals that enhance the ambiance of your home. Therefore, downloadable wall art not only adds aesthetic appeal but also provides practical benefits, while preserving a high quality product. It allows for flexibility in choosing the size and medium that best fits your space, giving you ultimate control over the look and feel. You can choose from framing your prints to displaying them on canvas; from small scale, bringing the viewer in with a sense of curiosity, or large scale to stand back and admire creating a moment of reflection.


Creating a warm and cozy home environment has never been easier with the beautiful wall art from That Wall Art Shop. Browse their extensive collection of digital and printable wall art, and discover pieces that resonate with your style and spirit. Redecorate a single room or your entire home with their wall art prints offering the perfect solution for adding charm and elegance to your space.

Explore the delightful world of Australian wall art and more at That Wall Art Shop, where art meets convenience and style. Let their stunning wall art prints turn your house into a haven of comfort and beauty, filled with personal touches that make it uniquely yours.

P.S Printable wall art is an incredibly affordable and eco-friendly option, reducing the need for packaging and shipping while giving you the freedom to print as needed.

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