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Low-maintenance sourdough starter: feed whenever you bake or once a month

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Sourdough bread made with low-maintenance sourdough starter

Welcome... to your very own sourdough love story!

Low-maintenance sourdough is an easy-care, fool-proof way of making your own sourdough starter and sourdough bread, at home. It’s a way of caring for sourdough starter and making sourdough bread. You don’t need to purchase my sourdough starter to follow it. But you may want to pay attention to your sourdough starter the first time you store it in the fridge to make sure it’s staying alive okay. (Mine will last the distance, often plus some) πŸ˜‰

Low-maintenance sourdough is an easy-care approach to feeding sourdough starter and an effortless method for making bread, the traditional sourdough bread process is reimagined to make sourdough bread that works. No more flat loaves of sourdough emerging from the oven!

I’ve been making sourdough bread for more than a third of my life now and wholeheartedly believe anyone can make sourdough bread at home successfully. Even children.

By minimising the variables and providing some pro-tips and easy hacks, I designed the process has been specifically to increase the success-rate of making your own sourdough bread at home and making the process easier at the same time.

You could call it beginners sourdough, however, the results will be as good as any loaf of sourdough bread.

If you’re looking for a sourdough starter that you don’t have to feed, but can store on your pantry shelf, try our Pantry Sourdough Starter. It has zero maintenance between bakes, making it the simplest sourdough starter you will ever keep. And the process? One of the easiest you will ever follow.

Low-maintenance sourdough, which you’re reading about, falls between Pantry Sourdough Starter and a traditional sourdough starter in terms of effort when it comes to feeding your sourdough starter. Traditional feeding of your sourdough starter is daily. For many, this is a cathartic routine that reminds them to embrace the slow life. For others, it’s just one more thing to remember in a busy life. That’s me. Although I am baking all the time. πŸ˜‰

Enter… Low-maintenance sourdough ~ feeding your sourdough starter whenever you bake or every month, whichever comes first!

It’s a process ~ built into the low-maintenance sourdough bread recipe as part of the bread method. That way, you never forget the routine feed and your sourdough starter never runs out.

How does it work?
Instead of keeping your sourdough starter on the kitchen bench where it is 100% active, you slow the growth activity to semi-dormant by keeping your sourdough starter in the fridge between bakes where it will last, without feeding, for up to a month.

This process will work for any sourdough starter, not just mine, but I can’t determine if another sourdough starter will live for a month in the fridge. So you may like to stretch the feeds by a week each time to see how well your sourdough starter is coping.

Pantry sourdough Starter is the only product that is exclusive to its particular process and won’t work with another sourdough starter. You do need to purchase it, in order to follow that process.

The traditional and low-maintenance processes can be followed with any sourdough starter, along with the best no-knead bread recipes.

If you don’t have a sourdough starter, I highly recommend buying one. It will take the effort out of making your own sourdough starter (2 weeks minimum), and all the fuss required to get it going. Instead, you will be up and running in just a few days. It will also kick you off with a mature culture and lead to better success, hopefully, from your first loaf!

You don’t have to buy my starter for this process to work. However, if you are looking for a white, wheat starter (not rye etc) I do recommend mine! The flavour is silky and buttery rather deeply sour. And after more than a decade, my favourite part is the aroma. It steals my senses anew all the time. πŸ–€

Without any added yeast, all my sourdough starters are 100% organic and one of the simplest ways to get going with a sourdough starter.

Growing your own sourdough starter with a purchased one will take you from zero to hero in making your own sourdough bread at home easily without any previous experience.

Aside from the irregular feeding, already built into the bread process, what might possibly be the best part? The process takes less than 15 minutes of hands-on time in total. Aside from baking of course!

About the low-maintenance sourdough bread process

– No kneading
– No bakers yeast
– No experience
– No daily feeding
– No bread machine or other special equipment including no bannetons

Use your own sourdough starter or grow our grow your own sourdough starter. Follow the low-maintenance sourdough recipe to make bread which will guide you through the process and storing your sourdough starter in the fridge.

Perfect for beginners, busy people and occasional bakers. This super-simple process has a set-and-forget process. Mix and walk away, with tips for fast-tracking and also for working it around your 9-5. All tips and instructions are provided within the low-maintenance sourdough bread recipe and also with any purchase of our sourdough starter.

Low-maintenance sourdough is a traditional sourdough starter and bread, just with a lot less effort.

It’s so easy anyone can make it, even children if you help them bake it.

PROCESS (using a sourdough starter that is active):
2 x feed (1 min each then leave it)
No-knead dough (5 mins then leave it)
Shape + refrigerate (2 minutes then leave it)
Bake (45 minutes)

Sourdough bread made with low-maintenance sourdough starter

Why make sourdough differently?

My sourdough love story started 13 years ago in a tiny village in France where one weekend and a loaf of bread changed my foodie world. 13 years later, I wanted to create a way you could make sourdough at home. No-fuss. My heart was, and still is, that you know the joy, taste the difference and be able to say “I made sourdough!” and be proud of it.

The Beautiful Living Made Easy sourdough recipe/process will be the easiest homemade sourdough bread you will ever make. I walk you through the basics, troubleshoot along the way and replace traditional ways with easy hacks to produce the same outcome. My process is not for the serious scientist in you. It’s for those who want to make sourdough bready easily AND… have it work!

What can you make?

Anything Sourdough including but not limited to:

Sourdough bread
Seeded, activated charcoal, spelt and other bread flavours
Sourdough Pizza bases

Follow our guide, add bread flour, water and salt. Be patient & enjoy! πŸ–€ You can make more than one loaf of sourdough bread at a time, they freeze brilliantly, so do the sourdough pizza bases.

Packet includes

Dormant sourdough starter, step-by-step instructions, hints & tips/baking options & flour information (including where to buy bread flour in Australia).

STORAGE: Keep flakes in a cool dry place. Do not refrigerate. Do not get wet. Use dry utensils/hands.

Organic Australian wheat flour, filtered water, wild sourdough cultures.
Allergen Advice: Contains gluten. May contain traces of sesame and/or nuts.


100% Australian ingredients | Australian owned & created


This is a dehydrated, fermented food product so please understand your country’s customs laws & taxes before purchasing as they are not included in the listing. Contact me for any queries.



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helen templeton

question, live in pennsylvia its winter here; tough to get my starter ready, have fed it 6 yimes.wh,start I i help move it along could I put iy on a sunny window ledge?could that help or oven low low Helenka



Hi Helenka! Thanks for being here! I responded via email over the weekend. If you haven’t received it, maybe check your junk mail. MJ x



As shift worker I’ve left sourdough starter in fridge after second feed. Have taken it out today saturday) and waiting for it to come to room temperature . Can I them make a loaf of wonderful sourdough bread and feed as normal or should I wait for it to come to room temperature temperature? Help!


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