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Easy Sourdough Crumpet Recipe

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Homemade sourdough crumpet recipe - easy

Who doesn’t love a good crumpet for breakfast? Especially on a chilly but cosy morning! This easy sourdough crumpet recipe will surely become your new fav. Once you’ve made your own sourdough crumpets, it’s really hard to go back,

Sourdough crumpets are not as difficult to make as they may seem. The process is as easy as making sourdough (or any ) pancakes, you just need a little patience, to let them cook slowly.

This is a cook ahead recipe.

Don’t try and make them fresh for breakfast one morning. There is a 2 hours fermentation time and no added benefit to being fresh. As with all things sourdough, the flavour will improve with storage and you need to toast them to eat them at their best.

You can also use sourdough discard for this recipe, however, my recipe process doesn’t create any discard, so I don’t ever have any to use. But totally go ahead if you do!


A gorgeous customer who bought our sourdough starter and has become a baking friend has been making sourdough crumpets since I send her an early bird version of the recipe! She had a few tips – like adding Cream of Tartar and using a kmart hack for cooking. So between us, this is one easy way of making sourdough crumpets at home.

Tip 1:
You will need some kind of mould for your sourdough crumpets. You can use an egg ring, crumpet ring or Leanne’s very clever Kmart hack is to use $2 mini spring-form tins which are also available from Amazon for a small price but free delivery with Prime. Use the mini-spring tins upside down without their bases. (Turning them upside down means the lip for the base won’t interfere with your crumpet. But it will work either way.)

Tip 2:
Pre-heating your moulds will help keep the crumpet batter from sticking to the sides.

easy sourdough crumpet recipe

Clever Kmart hack from Leanne


180g Active Sourdough Starter (6.3oz) SEE NOTE
200g Plain white flour (7oz)
300g Water (10.58oz)
30g Sugar (1.05oz)
5g Salt (0.17oz)


5g Bi-Carbonate of Soda (0.17oz)
2.5g Cream of Tartar (0.9oz) Optional for more bubbles

180g sourdough starter (6.3oz) is equivalent to:
1. Low-maintenance Sourdough Starter Your jar from the fridge + 2 feeds (Steps 1-2)
2. Pantry Sourdough Starter 1 Batch: 3 Feeds (Steps 1-3)
3. Traditional sourdough starter fed to more than 180g (6.3oz) so that you have some leftover to continue feeding

Why I use weight to measure ingredients


Low-maintenance: 2 Feeds. Steps 1-2 in the recipe card with your kit
Pantry Sourdough Starter: 3 Feeds. Steps 1-3 in the recipe card with your kit
Traditional sourdough starter or YOUR OWN STARTER: You need 180g of sourdough starter (6.3oz), fed and doubled by the time you make the dough.

Homemade crumpets
Easy sourdough crumpet recipe: Customer photo!


1. Scoop 180g of sourdough starter (6.3oz) into a large mixing bowl.

Following the Low-maintenance process? You will have 5g of sourdough starter left in your jar (0.2oz). Now is the time to do FEED 1: Add 10g warm water (0.4oz) & 10g bread flour (0.4oz) to the small amount of starter in your jar. Stir & place in the fridge until next bake or every month, whichever comes first.

Pantry Sourdough Starter and Traditional sourdough processes don’t require any specific action. However, a traditional starter may need feeding.

2. Add all the other ingredients EXCEPT BI CARB SODA to the bowl: 200g Pain white flour (7oz), 300g Water (10.58oz), 30g Sugar (1.05oz), 5g Salt (0.17oz) and stir vigorously until very well combined.

3. Cover your bowl and leave to ferment for 2 hours^

4. Add 5g Bi-Carbonate of Soda (0.17oz) and 2.5g Cream of Tartar (0.9oz) for LOTS of bubbles!

Once wet, these two ingredients have a short lifespan. By adding them just before cooking, you’re making the most of their bubbliness before it ceases.

5. Heat a large frying pan on a medium to low setting. Grease (oil or butter) some egg rings, crumpet rings or mini-spring form tins and place them into the frying pan to heat also. Heating them ahead helps stop the crumpet batter from sticking, along with the greasing.

6. Cook slowly and patiently. Don’t be tempted to flip them or cover them to help the surface along. Let them cook through. You may like to finish them under the grill to seal the top. They do take some time to cook through. Turning the heat up won’t make them cook any faster, but will cause the base to burn.

7. Allow to cool and store in the fridge for several days. They also freeze brilliantly!

8. To eat, toast them when you eat them to make crunchy and brown!

Let me know how you making this easy sourdough crumpet recipe! Leave comments below or contact me. I’d love to hear from you!

^Using a clear reusable shower cap over your bowl, instead of cling wrap, helps put less plastic in landfill.

Sourdough crumpets


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